Chodchod Management Service Limited is providing values and creating jobs in different industries especially the Agric value chains across Nigeria.

Ginger Ekiti Plantation Project

A partnership project initiated by Chodchod Management Service Limited in partnership with Ekiti State AFAN and Truvis pioneering the planting of ginger on a very large scale in south-west Nigeria.

We have planted over on over a 100 hectare and project to plant over 1500hectares of ginger in the next 3 years. Our farm is located at Iyemero Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Project 1000 Hectares For 1000 Women

This project is poised to empower 1000 Women in Ekiti by helping them get input, land and resources to plant, harvest and process ginger in Ilemeso Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria.

Partnership Options

We have several partnership options listings that are viable, state government-backed ready to be executed with guaranteed returns as at when due. Some of them are: